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Project Description

Timeframe: Oct 2015 to Sep 2016

In order to save time and money, the client’s goal was to have individual users PC’s deployed centrally at the Foxconn factory and then delivered to the end-users office locations.

Foxconn’s Role

Foxconn provided services to the client that as part of a major refresh of end-user computer hardware which involved:

  1. loading the SoE (Standard Operating Environment), applications and individual user profiles onto PCs;
  2. organising delivery direct to end user sites in metro, regional and remote locations across Australia;
  3. pick-up and return of hardware being replaced to the Foxconn factory for disposition.

The challenge for Foxconn and the client was to schedule deliveries to site on a day and time that the end-user was available and ensure that all of the user’s information was replicated onto their new PC only hours before delivery and installation was scheduled to take place.

Following the successful installation of new hardware by the client, Foxconn organised the return of obsolete hardware to the factory for disposition. Once Foxconn had screened and diagnosed each piece of returned equipment, the user ‘s data was securely wiped, followed by either a repair, a return to client for re-use or e-waste recycling.