Our facility comprises state of the art equipment, coupled with ISO certified processes and a highly skilled, responsive and adaptable workforce.

Our extensive experience has taught us to quickly and effectively manage wild swings in demand. We have developed our QuickStart Staffing Program to ensure we always have the capacity to respond to sharp increases in demand and deliver an excellent outcome, every time.

Additionally, our values foster a strong culture of continuous improvement employing Lean Manufacturing tools. As such we are continuously tweaking our processes to ensure we are always improving our cost base and effectiveness, passing on these benefits to our clients.

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Foxconn Australia, agility and speed without the quality compromise

Inventory And Logistics

We pick up and deliver anywhere in the world

Leveraging our global experience, we have developed processes and systems offering warehousing and logistics solutions that provide ultimate flexibility, to meet the varying clients’ needs.

Our Australian operation is strategically located west of Sydney for easy access to road, rail, sea and air transport. And with over 10,000 square meters of working space, we have the capacity to service both national and international businesses that have large volume product requirements.

Our inventory and logistics capabilities include:

  • Fast and efficient Customs Broker Services
  • Inbound, storage and outbound logistics for simple or complex items
  • All modes of transport – Air, Sea, Rail, Road
  • Vendor Managed Inventory warehousing
  • Reverse Logistics to manage unsold products and customer returns
  • Local and international distribution
  • Supply Chain process consultancy, design & set up to support changing market requirements

Our experience and knowledge, combined with our processes and systems enable us to service your needs and ensure fast time to market and quality outcomes every time.

Foxconn Australia, agility and speed without the quality compromise

QuickStart Staff Program

Fast scaling trained workforce

At Foxconn we understand that workload variability and seasonality can be a real challenge for many businesses trying to control costs and quality. Our QuickStart Staff Program was developed to provide us with workforce flexibility without compromising on the quality of the service we deliver to our clients.

Our QuickStart Staff Program includes:

  • Onsite recruitment officer
  • Profile matching & filtering
  • Testing & training
  • On the job mentor program

The investment we make in staff recruitment assessment and training ensures that our clients get a quality outcome every time even when there is a sudden spike in workload.

Foxconn Australia, agility and speed without the quality compromise

eFox Net Center

Shop Floor Control System

The eFox management system has been developed over many years to ensure all customer equipment is actively tracked throughout the assembly and configuration process. Each production line has a registered station so that quality control can be managed right down to the individual employee working on the product, ensuring we consistently deliver a high quality outcome for our clients.

Client specific Standard Operating Procedure work instructions are built into the eFox system during the pilot phase of the engagement so that each step of the process can be effectively managed and reported on. Additionally, clients can log into to our eFox web portal to track the progress of each stage of the process. eFox also enables clients to make changes to the production process, such as uploading new software or firmware images to be used in configuring their products.

A sample of the features eFox offers our clients:

  • Visibility to each step of the manufacturing, assembly, configuration or repair process
  • Customise products on the fly, by uploading new software or firmware images for your project
  • Detailed reporting for each stage of the process for easy access to product information

Our eFox Net Center system provides our clients up to the minute visibility of progress on projects, offering transparency and total peace of mind.


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