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Project Description

Timeframe: Oct 2016 – Oct 2017

The Department of Defence undertook a complete desktop hardware and software upgrade across it’s desktop fleet encompassing over 120,000 machines. Due to the number of devices supporting the desktop environment, a non-traditional solution was required to enable such a large number of devices to be imaged and made ready for deployment in such a short time frame.

Foxconn’s Role

Foxconn ran, controlled and managed the inbound tracking, SOE imaging and outbound packaging, including direct delivery to site for over 120,000 desktop PCs and Workstations on behalf of the Department of Defence using hardware from 2 of the top PC makers in the world.
The integrated approach taken, in collaboration with all stakeholders enabled the Commonwealth to realise significant savings in comparison to the costs that a more traditional approach would have resulted.
Foxconn personnel worked closely with Commonwealth representatives throughout the design, implementation and operational phase of the project. The scalability, fit-for-purpose approach, sustainability of the solution and ability to transition to BAU post-project were all primary considerations taken by Foxconn in conjunction with DXC and the Commonwealth. Article