Project Description

Timframe: May 2014 – Jun 2014

In May 2014, Datalogic was beginning a roll out of 8,000 product scanners for one of Australia’s largest retailers. The scanners had been manufactured in Viet Nam and shipped to the local Datalogic warehouse in Australia.

During the early stage of the country wide technology deployment the customer requested a modification to the device that required a change to the device firmware. As a customer focused business Datalogic agreed to the request and re-wrote the firmware to accommodate the new requirements. The key challenge was how to load the firmware on 8,000 scanners and still meet the customers’ project timelines.

Historically Datalogic would have shipped the units back to the manufacturer in Viet Nam to load the new firmware, perform technical and quality control checks prior to sending the units back to Australia. On this occasion the turnaround time would have had a significant impact on the project delivery dates so an alternative approach needed to be investigated.

Foxconn’s Role:

Faced with the prospect of having to fly the 8,000 units to Viet Nam for the rework that would potentially delay the project, the Datalogic team needed to understand if Foxconn could:

  1. Load the new firmware on 8,000 scanners within the tight timeframes required for the project;
  2. Provide the capability, equipment and processes to ensure that all testing and quality control requirements could be met;
  3. Perform all the required work within the Datalogic budget parameters;
  4. Deliver the finished product to various locations across Australia directly from the Foxconn factory

Foxconn’s global manufacturing and logistics pedigree was reassuring and their Australian presence was the key to datalogic’s decision.

In a situation where the turnaround time and quality were paramount, with Datalogic’s reputation at stake with one of Australia’s largest retailers, Foxconn delivered a fantastic result.