Assembly and Packaging ServicesFINAL ASSEMBLY SERVICES

Foxconn is a world leader in the manufacture, assembly, testing and packaging of electronic goods.

Our processes and systems are the result of Foxconn’s thirty years of electronics manufacturing experience combined with continued focus for improvement. We operate our facilities and foster our people’s culture based on two key philosophies:

  • to consistently deliver a high quality product to our clients, efficiently and on time,
  • to continuously develop systems and processes that increase our clients’ competitive advantage.

Our facility has over 10,000 square meters of working space, including a component warehouse with capacity for over 3000 pallets. Our six production lines enable us to produce in excess of 30,000 complex electronics devices per month, including mobile devices, computers and data centre systems, with our systems tracking each individual item’s steps through the production line. We can identify which employee contributed to which step of the assembly process, given a device serial number. This detail allows us to ensure we keep the highest levels of quality through focusing our training where it is needed most. Once the product comes off the production line, our distribution and logistics partner network enables us to cost effectively ship your product to any domestic or international destination.

Following is an overview of functions we perform as part of our Final Assembly services.

  • Mass customisation
  • Repair and rework
  • Multi-client equipment storage, staging & distribution
  • High volume testing
  • Automated software loading and image management
  • Asset tagging
  • Power cord testing & tagging
  • Product quality checks
  • End customer logistics services

If you are assembling, configuring and distributing electronic products, we can help. If your business is subjected to great swings in demand, we can also help. Contact us to discuss your requirements and join some of the world’s leading brands working with us.



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